Zurich: Dolderbahn and Adlisberg Hill


依山傍水的蘇黎世周圍有許多山丘,最常看到旅遊書推薦的路線是搭Polybahn上山。我們在Bürkliplatz附近開會,一位當地人推薦我們從Bürkliplatz搭八號輕軌到Römerhof去坐另一個纜車Dolderbahn到Adlisberg hill。

A couple of hills overlooking Zurich. Taking the Polybahn up the hill is probably the most recommended route in travel guides. A local suggested that we take a cable car Dolderbahn to Adlisberg hill. We started from Bürkliplatz, where Lake Zurich meets Limmat River, and took Tram No. 8 to Römerhof, which is a train station. That’s lowest stop of Dolderbahn.





Thinking back, we misunderstood a road sign and took a long route. When we got off the tram at Römerhof, we saw this orange sign pointing left for Dolderbahn. So we turned left, crossed the street and started walking. After a 10-minute walk uphill, we decided to asked for direction to make sure we are heading toward the right way. Two kids were nice enough to offer to show us the way. I was thinking…didn’t your moms tell you not to show strangers the way? And in the meantime, happily accepted their offer.

It turned out that we got off the tram right across the street from the first stop of Dolderbahn, skipped it, and walked up a steep hill to the second stop, Titlisstrasse.




If you are expecting some astonishing view that showcase the entire city of Zurich with perfect foreground and background, then you would probably be disappointed. At least we didn’t find such a spot. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun to walk around and see rich people’s mansions.

How much would a flower bouquet that big cost in Zurich!?

How much would a flower bouquet that big cost in Zurich!?


Water fountains here are supposedly potable. There are a ton of fountains around the city. I discovered this interesting blog, Zurich 1200 Fountains: Discovering Zurich, one fountain at a time.

FIFA's headquarters

FIFA’s headquarters

Dolder Grand

Dolder Grand hotel.

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