Macarons from Gaby et Jules

A French patisserie opened in Squirrel Hill. They sell macarons and their chef used to work for Ladurée and Fauchon in France. I had to check it out.


Gaby et Jules had a soft opening on August 29 and just officially opened on November 16. The place sells French pastries, baguettes, croissants and macarons. It is the pastries branch of the restaurant Paris 66 near Penn Circle.

Gaby et Jules 在八月底開店然後11月16日正式開幕,賣甜點、法國麵包、可頌和馬卡龍,是Penn Circle的法國餐廳Paris 66老闆和廚師開的甜點店。

Macarons are about $2-$2.25 a piece. One needs to go early to have a complete selection. I tried earl grey, rose, passion fruit, lemon, mint, basil white chocolate, peach violet, lime, raspberry, salted caramel, and strawberry.


I am not a macaron expert and I don’t know what they are supposed to be like. I like macarons to be chewy with a sticky texture filling, not a big fan of cream filling. I did try a few Luxembergerli while I was in Zurich. The filling of Luxembergerli is cream. I liked those, too. If cream is done right, it taste fluffy and good. This personal preference obviously affects how much I like certain flavors from Gaby et Jules.

我不是馬卡龍專家、我也不知道真正的專業馬卡龍應該長怎樣,我喜歡有一點點嚼勁黏黏的內餡,不愛cream,不過在蘇黎世的時候吃了好多Luxembergerli,Luxembergerli的內餡是cream,Confiserie Sprüngli 做的超好吃,如果cream做得好的話,吃起來很鬆軟、味道很濃。這個個人偏好當然也就影響了我對這家馬卡龍的評價。

Lime is hands down the best! I would not have guessed. I bought it because the guy who boxed macarons for me recommended lime and vanilla. It has a very refreshing key lime taste to it. Raspberry is the second best. It was full of flavor and kind of like eating raspberry sorbet. The filling was creamy but not bad. Early Grey is up there among the top three.

萊姆第一名!超好吃!是店裡小哥說他最推薦的是香草和萊姆所以才買的,有個清新的key lime味道。覆盆子第二,味道很濃,像在吃覆盆子冰沙,內餡是個cream但還蠻好吃得。伯爵茶第三,真的有茶味。

Strawberry was very good but the texture failed. Whhhyyy? $2.25 for three little bites is completely fair to me. But if I pay that price for these tiny treats, I’d like them to be consistent in texture. This strawberry one cracked as soon as I bit into it. The two cookie layers were half hollow inside. There was another one with failed texture. It also cracked, and the cookie part was hard when I bit into it.


On a scale of one to five, I gave a 3-3.5 to lemon, rose mint, and basil white chocolate. Lemon has a good citrus flavor. Rose was fine but didn’t stand out. Mint and basil really depend on whether you like these two ingredients in sweets. Mint was super powerful. You can see mint leaves in the filling. It tasted like biting into a mint leaf. As of basil white chocolate…I love basil but I don’t know about having a strong basil taste in my dessert.


I would not recommend passion fruit, salted caramel and peach violet. Passion fruit does not taste like passion fruit, very artificial. Salted caramel was a bit…sour? Peach violate was a little bit too salty and it was simply too much buttery cream for me. I didn’t like the cream filling.


Their chocolate croissant was good. I got a opera as well. I personally like a chocolate mouse cake (Royal!?) from La Gourmadine Bakery in Lawrenceville way better.

他們的巧克力可送還不錯,我點了一個l’opera,但我個人比較愛Lawrenceville那家法國麵包店La Gourmadine的巧克力慕斯蛋糕 (Royal!?)。

L'opera from Gaby et Jules.

L’opera from Gaby et Jules.

Royal (?) from La Gourmadine Bakery

Royal (?) from La Gourmadine Bakery

Overall I was very excited about having this bus accessible and walkable place to buy macaron and croissant from in Pittsburgh! Thank you Paris 66!

Gaby et Jules
5837 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217

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