Green Reef at Laomei 季節限定老梅綠石槽


Every year between February and May, Laomei (老梅) in Taiwan’s north coast attracts lots of cameras and tripods to capture this truly unique coastal feature.


Laomei was one of the places I loved the most as a kid. My dad took us there often. I still remember that one-day geography and nature tour of Taiwan’s north coast when I was about 10 years old. My dad signed me up and went there with me. It was one of the best day ever, fully packed with knowledge and excitement. And that’s how I learned about the history and geology of my lovely island.


After the two eruptions of the Datun Mountain 2.5 million years and 700,000 years ago, volcanic rocks formed along the north coast of Taiwan. Softer parts had been washed away in waves throughout the years and these wave-cut gullies were formed. The winter monsoon brings the right conditions for the sea lettuce and other species of seaweed to grow. The reefs are covered with different kinds of seaweed from February to May. Then the seaweed gradually dies under summer sunshine starting in May.


Laomei green reef 老梅


Laomei green reef 老梅

How to Get to Laomei

Be sure to check the tide table on Central Weather Bureau’s website for the area of 石門. The reefs are typically covered under water during high tides.

Laomei is about one hour in driving distance from Taipei Main Station. About 39 km or 24 miles.

Public transportation is available. Take the metro to Dansui Station on the red line, and then transfer to bus 862 or 863 to Laomei station.

Laomei green reef 老梅



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