HDR Experiments: Library of Congress and U.S. Capitol

Library of Congress HDR

I finally got Photomatrix! (Thank you dad!) Haven’t gotten any chance to take bracketed photos to make a real HDR, but I could not wait and threw in single photos in to try out the software. I love HDR architecture. The first photo I threw in the software of course was one of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. The original photo was from my trip to D.C. last August. (To those who are not photo nerds, HDR means high-dynamic-range imaging. In plain English, that means to bring details out of a real scene from direct sunlight to the dark shadow, um, based on my amateur understanding anyway.)


US Capitol HDR

My reference guides are David Nightingale’s “Practical HDR: A complete guide to creating High Dynamic Range images with your Digital SLR,” which is a book my dad gave me, and Angela B. Pan’s “HDR Workflow: The Essential Guide for Beginners,” which is a PDF you can buy online at $9. In addition to Photomatrix, I also downloaded a 30-day trial version of Tropaz, a Photoshop plug-in of filters.

There is obviously so much to learn for me. But I was so excited when the first image came out because I finally figured out exactly how people do this! When I first saw HDR photos, I was very confused and even asked Aaron what filters people use in Photoshop to make pictures look like a painting that’s high contrast and all lit up. Then I found out, silly, it was HDR. And then I found out it was NOT just HDR but post-HDR filters. Now I know the secrets!

There are a ton of HDR guides and reviews of guides out there. I have never read or compared difference guides other than the two I mentioned above. But I do find these two resources very useful and easy to understand for beginners. Now I can’t wait for some nice weather so that I can get up to Mount Washington and bracket some pictures of downtown Pittsburgh!

我的參考書是大衛南丁格爾的「精通數位單眼:HDR實踐活用全攻略」,我爸借我的書,和 Angela B. Pan 的 “HDR Workflow: The Essential Guide for Beginners”,是個PDF檔案,可以在網路上買,美金九塊。除了Photomatrix之外,我還下載了三十天試用版的Topaz,是個Photoshop的濾鏡外掛程式。



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