Snapfish Deco Prints: Bring Instagram Photos to Life

Snapfish deco prints

When I need to make photo cards or postcards, I always go to Snapfish. Not for the quality ─ if quality is important, I’d go with Mpix or ProDPI. But Snapfish wins in price, flexibility and airline miles. (I get 5 miles per dollar on Snapfish.) They put of a new type of prints probably late last year ─ deco prints. I thought I would give it a try.

I was very happy with the outcome!

The deco prints are printed on heavy cardstocks with a matte finish. They work very well when you are going for a retro black and white or Instagram filters kind of style. I ordered a set of 24 prints. Two third of them look great. The tone is a bit off for about two out of 24. (Too yellow and warm.) Don’t expect any sharpness though. The prints are very soft and you can see patterns of the printing. Be prepared for light spots if there is lots of dark silhouette or shadow in your photos. Overall these deco prints are fantastic for certain topics and looks. If you need to print out artsy Instagram photos, consider giving this a try. They would look pretty displayed with cool photo holders or hung up in a row with a twine and wood clips.

Snapfish deco prints are available in 4*4 and 4*6. They are sold in a set of 24 or more. A set of 24 is $11.76 plus $5 of shipping and handling. Most of their discounts on prints cannot be applied on deco prints. Sometimes free shipping on deco prints is available.

Snapfish deco prints

如果你人在美國又喜歡假文青風格,Snapfish deco prints是我最近發現的好東西。

初來乍到不知道要去哪裡洗照片的話,可以參考一下網路上到處都是的比較,考慮Snapfish, Shutterfly, Mpix等等。題外話,需要護照或簽證照片千萬不要去相館或CVS花十一塊美金拿品質超差的照片,洗出來十之八九不是台灣相館證件照的等級,我試過匹茲堡CVS、Walgreen和Craig St的相館以及紐約辦事處附近設備齊全的相館,全部都很差,差到拿去AIT辦美簽被說像素太低要重照,自己找個CVS沒人管的白色屏幕,用手機照,在網路上裁好護照規格,拿去CVS洗4*6回來自己裁,大概20 cents就有四張證件照了。

我通常用Snapfish印卡片或明信片,不是因為品質超好,是便宜、彈性大和可以順便賺里程 (Delta Amex 6 miles per dollar; United Chase 5 miles per dollar)。如果要品質好的照片,通常會用Mpix或者ProDPI。這次做卡片看到Snapfish去年底推出的新產品deco prints,決定訂一組來試試看,沒想到真的還蠻可愛的!

Deco prints是印在厚的卡紙上,有一層霧面防指紋處理。我訂了24張,大概三分之二都不錯,其中有兩張色調偏暖偏黃,如果有大片黑影或剪影的話,會出現本來檔案沒有的光斑,照片要清晰銳利的話千萬不要洗成deco prints,這比較適合Lomo或拍立得效果。總之是要選對主題和照片,deco prints很適合用來洗黑白照或Instagram濾鏡色彩鮮明照片。

Snapfish Deco Prints一組最少24張,有4*4和4*6兩種大小,24張$11.76加大概五塊錢的運費和手續費,大部分的折扣不適用,偶爾會有deco prints免運費的折扣。


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