DC Cherry Blossoms: Sunrise at the Tidal Basin 華府日出櫻花


This was taken with my iPhone two days after cherry blossoms reached the Puffy White Stage.

I’ve been to the Tidal Basin during the cherry blossom season many times but never in the early morning. This is the first cherry blossom season after I bought my camera. Call it dedication or craziness; I am taking days off from work for this.

This morning, I made great time and got out of the Smithsonian metro station at 5:38. Sunrise today was at 6:38. Although it was a Wednesday and the cherry blossoms were not in full bloom yet, lots of tripods gathered at the Tidal Basin. I haven’t gotten any chance to edit my photos. This one was taken with my iPhone using ProHDR and Snapseed.

On April 7, the National Park Service declared the buds are “puffy white,” which means they are 4 to 6 days away from the peak bloom. As of this morning, almost all the Yoshino and Akebono cherry trees (white and pale pink) are in full bloom, but the Kwanzan are not (the darker pink ones.)  So if you are considering going and it has to be on a weekend, this weekend (April 12 and 13) would be the best. The blossoms probably will not last until the 19th. 

這是今天早上在Tidal Basin拍的, 櫻花進入Puffy White Stage的兩天後。來看櫻花好多次,但向來不是一大清早,今年是我買相機以來的第一個櫻花季,於是很瘋狂的請假跑來。今天早上真的很認真早起, 5:38 就到地鐵 Smithsonian 站,今天日出是  6:38 。雖然是非假日,櫻花也還沒全開,早上還是很多腳架。

要等回到鄉下才會傳相機裡的照片,這張是用手機拍的,用ProHDR拍然後Snapseed 小小調和裁。

National Park Service宣布四月七號櫻花邁入 puffy white 期,意思是四到六天之內會進入高峰期。目前吉野櫻和曙櫻都開了(白色和白色混淡淡粉紅的),但關山櫻大部分還沒(深粉紅色)。 所以如果要來賞花又要週末的話,這個週末四月 12, 13 日是最好時機,櫻花們應該活不到下個週末。


P.S. I have gotten several inquiries about this photo and sold quite a few prints. If you would like to buy a print, please contact me at sabrina.yliu[@]gmail.com. Thank you!



14 thoughts on “DC Cherry Blossoms: Sunrise at the Tidal Basin 華府日出櫻花

  1. Hi Sabrina, beautiful photo! I would love to use your photo (with full credit) for my new website about DC. If interested, please contact me 🙂

  2. This is one of the most beautiful pictures of Washington at Cherry Blossom time that I have seen. Thanks for sharing

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