Washington National Cathedral in Cherry Blossom Season

cherry blossoms DC Washington National Cathedral

In addition to places near the National Mall, the Washington National Cathedral is a fun place to photograph.

除了the Mall附近的景點之外,華盛頓國家大教堂也很值得去拍。

If you are in DC for the cherry blossom season and taking pictures at dawn and dusk is the highlight, you might want to consider visiting the Cathedral in mid day. Bright sunlight shining through the glass windows creates stunning effects in the nave. The cherry blossom tree (?) The redbud tree (?)* in the Bishop Garden next to the Cathedral is in full bloom now. The combination of pink blossoms and the Gothic architecture make a great HDR subject. From the National Mall area, you can take bus 32 or 36 to get to the Washington National Cathedral. If there are many people in your group, Uber** a cab would be easier.

I went there on April 9 after shooting the sunrise at the Tidal Basin, expecting to see lots of spring flowers in the Bishop Garden. The garden was actually very post-winter looking, but this pink blossom tree was beautiful.

如果去華府拍櫻花又專門要在清晨或黃昏拍,其他時間可以考慮到華盛頓國家大教堂走走。白天陽光透過玻璃花窗照進教堂創造出很漂亮的光影,隔壁主教花園的櫻花樹 紫荊 (?)*現在盛開,櫻花樹加哥德式教堂是個很不錯的HDR題材。從the Mall一帶可以走去搭32或36號公車,如果人多的話,用Uber**叫車更方便。

四月九號那天拍完 Tidal Basin 日出回家路上順便去了這個教堂,本來想說現在主教花園應該花可以拿來當前景拍,沒想到其實春天還沒真的開始,但這顆樹很漂亮。

100 Montaditos

Up this way, Le Chat Noir is one of my favorite brunch places. It’s a French restaurant a little bit north of the Tenleytown metro station on the red line. From the Cathedral, it’s less than 20 minutes of a bus ride plus walking.

If you don’t might going a little bit further north, Bethesda offers a big selection of restaurants. A good friend of mine took me to a new place which I absolutely love─100 Montaditos. It’s a Spanish chain restaurant with over 300 stores in many countries. Its first stores in New York City and in D.C. opened in late 2013.

This place offers 100 varieties of tapas-sized sandwiches that are so good and dirt cheap. The price ranges from $1 to $2.50. The Spanish rolls are crunchy on the outside with soft interior. Flavors range from Serrano ham, chorizo and Manchego cheese to Philly cheesesteak. A mug of sangria is about $4.

這一區,Le Chat Noir 是我最愛的早午餐餐廳之一,他是個法國餐廳,在地鐵紅線Tenleytown American University那一站再北邊一點,從華盛頓國家大教堂可以坐公車去,跟教堂同一側的站牌,往Friengship Height方向坐,加走路不到二十分鐘。

如果願意再往北的話,Bethesda有很多餐廳,這次我朋友帶我去了個新地方 ─ 100 Montaditos,這是個西班牙連鎖速食,全球有三百多家店,在DC和紐約都是2013年底剛開第一家。100 Montaditos吃的是tapas大小的三明治,超好吃又超便宜,三明治一塊到兩塊半美金不等,麵包外面脆脆但裡面很軟,顧名思義有一百種口味,從西班牙火腿到費城cheesesteak都有,一杯sangria大概四塊美金。

100 Montaditos


*@littlereview corrected me on Instagram. It does look like a redbud tree.

**Uber is a taxi service. You’ll need to download the mobile app and enter your credit card information. Then you can request a car on your smartphone or share a ride.

100 Montaditos
4922 Elm St, Bethesda, MD 20814


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