DC Cherry Blossoms: Schweinebraten and Spring at the U.S. Capitol

cherry blossoms U.S. Capitol

My third day in DC turned out to be a day of cherry blossoms plus gourmet sandwiches. I had German fusion Argentine sandwiches for lunch and Spanish tapas-sized sandwiches from 100 Montaditos for dinner. Great food and amazing companies outweighed the blossoms.

在DC的第三天意外變成櫻花與高檔三明治日,中午是德風阿根廷三明治,晚餐是100 Montaditos西班牙三明治,食物和朋友比這天的日出和櫻花厲害一百倍。


The U.S. Capitol is one of my favorite HDR material. I was hoping to capture the Capitol Dome and its reflection above the visitor center only to find out that the pool was dry! I guess I’ll just have to put that on my to-do list.

The Capitol is surrounded by a couple of magnolia trees and cherry trees. It can be hard to get any people-free moment though once you draw attention to the view with a camera mounted on a tripod.


magnolia DC US Capitol

Below is the camera version of that iPhone HDR photo of the U.S. Capitol.


cherry blossoms DC U.S. Capitol

In between my sunrise Tidal Basin mission and cherry blossoms at the Capitol walk, my Zurich travel mate took me to a deli place that she had wanted to try, Duke’s Grocery. Their sandwiches were incredible!

Duke’s Grocery is a pub/deli that serves East London food in East Dupont. The restaurant opened in late 2013. They have outdoor seating at the street level. More seating is available upstairs in a rustic-chic, industrial setting with white-washed brick walls. The menu written on a chalkboard changes daily.

早上潮汐湖日出,下午國會閒晃,中間我的蘇黎世室友帶我去了一家他一直想吃吃看的簡餐,Duke’s Grocery,三明治真的很厲害!Duke’s Grocery是個簡餐店兼酒吧,在Duopnt Circle東邊,賣東倫敦口味,2013年下旬開始營業的。一樓有戶外座位,二樓是工業風裝潢,菜單每天換,寫在黑板上。

Duke's Grocery  lomito completo and choripán

I have to admit that I am very under-educated when it comes to deli meat and ethnic sandwiches. I did not understand half of the menu. Amanda was in charge. We ordered two sandwiches to share ─  lomito completo and choripán. Their sandwiches come in epic portion! The lomito was a huge pile of schweinebraten roast pork topped with spicy roast avocado, tomato, and garlic mayo. So I guess it’s a German fused Argentine and Chilean dish.

Lomito completo won but the choripán was very good too. You might have eaten or seen on Travel Channel the famous, and yet in my humble opinion unappetizing, Pittsburgh signature sandwich shop, Primanti Bros. Duke’s sandwiches are bigger than Primantis! Amanda and I finished the lomito and could not make more progress while we were only two bites into the choripán. If you don’t have a monster appetite, getting a small plate and one sandwich to share is probably a good idea.

菜單我其實有看沒有懂,很慚愧對這些異國熟食肉類和三明治真的很不熟,一切靠我朋友。我們點了兩個三明治來分 ─  lomito completo 和 choripán,lomito本來應該是阿根廷和智利的牛肉三明治,這家賣的是混搭版德國風,換成德奧烤豬,上面放酪梨醬、番茄和蒜味美乃滋,choripán顧名思義是西班牙辣肉腸chorizo加麵包,比lomito遜色一點但還是很好吃。他們家的份量都超大!點完菜,看到隔壁桌上菜超高一疊的燻牛肉三明治就很傻眼,比Primanti Brothers還大!(如果你有在旅遊頻道看過匹茲堡的Primanti Bros.或吃過就知道這有多驚人),我跟Amanda吃完整份lomito,choripan大概只一人咬兩口就不行了,適合兩個人合吃一份再加個前菜。


Duke’s Grocery
1513 17th Street NW, Washington, DC 20036
Metro: red line to Dupont Circle



cherry blossoms US Capitol

7 thoughts on “DC Cherry Blossoms: Schweinebraten and Spring at the U.S. Capitol

  1. I went to DC especially to see the Cherries blossoms..It’s wonderful to be among to people that share the same interest. Love your pics! I also have a post about the blossoms. Have a nice day!

      • Oh..but I live very near to DC, then it wasn’t too silly..then again we always can find several things to do in DC…I said I went especially to see the Cherries blossoms because I wanted to be there at the peak of blooming! And as you well stated: it was worth!

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