The Oriel Staircase in the Rookery 芝加哥旋轉樓梯

The Rookery Chicago

This beautiful staircase caught my attention when I was searching for places to go in Chicago.


The Rookery Chicago

This oriel staircase is located in the Rookery Building, a historic landmark completed by John Root and Daniel Burnham in 1888. Its light court was very unique and impressive at the time. The spiral staircase designed by John Root winds down from the 12th floor to the second floor. In the 1900s, Frank Lloyd Wright remodeled the lobby and brightened up the space.

這個旋轉樓梯是在芝加哥重要古蹟之一Rookery Building裡面,是建築師John Root和Daniel Burnham設計的,1888年完工,中間的採光天井在當時是十分特殊又前衛的設計,John Root設計的旋轉樓梯從十二樓繞到二樓。1900年代,萊特重新裝潢了大廳,把大廳變得十分明亮。

The Rookery Chicago

The building is closed to the public. The only way to get in is through a tour or private events. The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust offers tours on weekdays at noon. A regular tour takes 30 minutes. The admission is $7. The Wednesday tour includes the Burnham Library upstairs so it is a bit longer and a tad more expensive. Tickets can be bought online in advance. Taking photos is permitted, but you must stay with the group the whole time.

Spiral staircases are fascinating to me. I booked this tour just for photographing the oriel staircase. Plenty of online sources warned me about the short period of time available for shooting the staircase. Still I was not able pull this off. Not being able to take my time simply killed me. I could no get a clear shot, and I did not have enough time to figure out what angle allows me to bring in details of the intricate cast iron handrails.  Also, I realized that a lot of the beautiful shots that showcase the cast iron handrails were shot from the upper floor, which if off limit to tourists.

Please people, invite me next time when you are throwing a fundraiser or hosting a wedding in the Rookery!




The Rookery Chicago

The Rookery Building
209 South LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL
Tours are available through the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust:



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