Sunrise at the Bean + Maple Glazed Ham Biscuit = A Perfect Morning in Chicago

Chicago Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits

After I shot at dawn and sunrise once, there is no going back. The lighting in midday is just too plain. So, during this recent trip to Chicago, I made my sister wake up early with me to go to the Millennium Park for the sunrise.


Chicago Cloud Gate at dawn

In early September in Chicago, the sun rises at about 6:20 a.m. we did not get up as early as I hoped for, but the timing turned out to be fantastic. As our Lyft ride went south on the Lake Shore Drive, the sun just started to creep over the horizon on Lake Michigan. We made it to the Millennium Park just in time. Everything was reflecting a warm, red glow before the sun shines through buildings and trees on the Cloud Gate.

That was a Monday morning. Only a couple of photographers and runners were at the Cloud Gate. About 20 minutes after sunrise, the first ray shines through just under the Bean.

九月初的芝加哥,日出大概是6:20。我們沒有照計畫那麼早起,但結果時機意外地非常完美。搭Lyft趕去的路上,走Lake Shore Dirve,剛好看到太陽從密西根湖升上來的那一刻,趕到千禧公園的時候,到處映著日出時刻的暖暖紅光。星期一早上六點半,豆子這邊只有幾個攝影師和慢跑人,日出的大概二十分鐘之後,陽光才穿過大樓和樹叢、從豆子底下散出來。

Chicago cloud gate sunrise

It was so quiet at the Bean, so we decided to do some jump shots and timer selfies. After all, how often do we get to see the Bean that’s not surrounded by tens or hundreds of people?





We left in a rush that morning. Our temporary breakfast was Garrett popcorn. This beautiful morning continued as we leave for the Bang Bang Pie & Biscuit in Logan Square.

早上匆匆忙忙出門,只抓了一包Garrett爆米花當墊肚子早餐。豆子日出這種人生真美好的時刻在真正早餐繼續蔓延,我們坐地鐵來到Logan Square的Bang Bang Pie & Biscuit。



This cozy shop was decorated with bright accent colors, exposed brick walls, and furniture made of reclaimed wood. Outdoor seating is available at the picnic tables in the side yard.



We ordered a scratch biscuit ($2.5) and a ham biscuit ($6). The scratch biscuit is served with honey butter and a seasonal jam. Everything was home-made.



The savory biscuit was the bomb! Maple glazed ham, caramelized onion, dijon butter, and a poached egg stacked on a flaky and dense buttery biscuit. Runny egg yolk tied everything together. (Egg is optional.) Bang Bang Pie & Biscuit partners with local farmers and butchers for their ingredients. That maple glazed ham was delicious!

鹹的口味超美味!楓糖蜜汁火腿、炒洋蔥、芥末奶油和半熟蛋放在外酥內軟的比斯吉上,蛋黃把所有味道融合在一起 (蛋是另外加點的),他們的食材都是從附近農場來的,火腿超好吃!




Our plan was to get a casual breakfast here and then take a walk north on California Avenue in Logan Square. But then we had to change our plan because of an impromptu appointment for a free visit of the Art Institute in Chicago (can’t pass up on that!) This place is a must-eat in Chicago. Although the restaurant is a bit far from the typical touristy area, it is definitely worth a visit.

本來打算在這邊吃早餐然後往北散步到Logan Square中心,但後來天上掉下來一趟免費芝加哥美術館導覽,於是乾脆地放棄Logan Square。雖然這家店小小偏僻,不是在通常遊客會去的區,但真的非常值得特地跑來吃早餐或早午餐!



Bang Bang Pie & Biscuit
2051 N California Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on weekdays; 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on weekends
California O-Hare station on the blue line



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