Public Art in The Loop and Little Goat Chicago 芝加哥公共藝術


When I travel, one of my most favorite things to see is public art, especially installations that interact with people. Chicago is a great place for this.



The Chicago Cultural Center used to provide a pamphlet dedicated to public art. I did not see that brochure when I visited the city in late 2014. That informational pamphlet was “The Chicago Public Art Guide” published by the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. A map of public art in the Loop and Millennium Park is available in the last page of the PDF guide. Wikipedia has a simpler map.

Following the public art highlights is a great way to tour the Loop. Even for those who cannot care less about public art, the Cloud Gate and the Crown Fountain are still must-see’s.

芝加哥文化中心以前有提供公共藝術的小冊子,2014年下旬去的時候沒有看到,不過網路上找得到。是芝加哥文化事務和特別活動部門發行的芝加哥公共藝術簡介 (The Chicago Public Art Guide),PDF簡介最後一頁有The Loop和千禧公園一帶的公共藝術地圖,維基百科有個簡化的地圖。想要步行逛The Loop可以考慮照著公共藝術地圖走,就算對公共藝術沒興趣,千禧公園的豆子和噴泉還是觀光客必訪。


The Cloud Gate is in the Millennium Park, near Michigan Avenue, between Madison Street and Monroe Street. Nicknamed “The Bean,” the Cloud Gate was designed by India-born British artist Anish Kapoor. I love that this installation sometimes show a murky line between reality and reflection.

有名的豆子(The Cloud Gate)在千禧公園,靠近密西根大道,在麥迪遜大道和門羅街之間,是印度裔英國藝術家Anish Kapoor設計的,倒影和天空創造出來的虛虛實實很美。

chicago crown fountain

The Crown Fountain is one of my most favorite public art installations because it engages the public from the creation process to its display. The Catalan artist Jaume Plensa recorded 1,000 Chicago residents’ faces for this project. Diverse images rotate on the pairs of 50-foot-high LED screen towers that spout water. The plaza in between the two towers forms a shallow reflecting pool. Kids play in this pool or right underneath the water spouts.

隔壁的Crown Fountain從創作到擺設都結合了群眾互動,加泰隆尼亞藝術家Jaume Plensa找了一千名芝加哥居民來錄影,多元化的臉孔在十五公尺高的LED螢幕上輪流播放,噴水孔剛好在大家的嘴巴,兩個噴泉之間的空地變成一個淺淺的倒映池,吸引很多小鬼在淺淺水池或噴水孔正下方玩水。

chicago clown fountain

chicago clown fountain

Strolling in the Loop, you will also see Alexander Calder’s Flamingo in front of the Bauhaus style Kluczynski Federal Building designed by Mies van der Rohe, and one of the prettiest post offices I’ve ever seen. In the Daley Plaza where lots of protests and events take place situates Pablo Picasso’s sculpture — you need to try different angles to see the girl with high ponytail. Within walking distance in the touristy area, you can also find Jean Dubuffet, Joan Miró, and Henry Moore.

芝加哥Loop一帶,密斯凡德羅設計的聯邦大廈前面有Alexnder Calder的火鶴,隔壁黑色方盒是個超低調郵局,可以順便買郵票寄明信片。許多遊行和活動聚集的Daley Plaza有畢卡索的雕塑,正面看是狒狒,要換角度和用點想像力才可以看到馬尾女孩。附近還有杜布非、米羅、亨利摩爾。

Alexander Calder flamingo

Chicago Picasso

Little Goat Chicago

Our brunch destination in West Loop is easy to pair up with any half day schedule you’d have. Drawn by the fame of Stephanie Izard but at the time could not afford a dinner at Girl and the Goat, we went to Little Goat.

慕名想要吃芝加哥名廚Stephanie Izard的餐廳,但吃不起又難以安排時間訂位Girl and the Goat,所以來到West Loop的姊妹餐廳Little Goat,這個地點很好搭大部分的芝加哥半天行程。

Little Goat Chicago

Little Goat was open at the end of 2012. It is not your typical diner. The restaurant serves comfort food with a twist. Without reservation on a weekend, it actually did not take long to get a table. Too many menu items sounded tempting. Eventually my sister and I decided to get something with goat — we chose goat patty melt from the burger section — and the very famous bull’s eye french toast.

Little Goat在2012年底開張,不是一般的美式簡餐,多了很多創意和變化。假日早午餐時間沒訂位,但沒想到很快就等到位子。菜單實在太誘人,有一百樣東西想吃,最後決定點一個山羊 — 我們選了漢堡菜單區的patty melt — 和有名的bull’s eye french toast。

Little Goat Chicago bulls eye french toast

My sister loves sweet and savory but I don’t. Yet I would say the bull’s eye french toast was an amazing blend of flavors. Crispy fried chicken and fresh strawberries on top of onion brioche, all covered with BBQ maple syrup. When you cut through the middle, runny egg yolk slowly spread all over the plate.

我妹超愛鹹鹹甜甜,我通常無法接受,但不得不說這個法式吐司的眾多味道真的很搭: 脆皮炸雞和新鮮草莓散落在洋蔥布里歐麵包上,上面淋BBQ楓糖漿,吐司中間有個蛋,切下去蛋黃四溢,是個很厲害的鹹鹹甜甜組合。

Little Goat Chicago bulls eye french toast

Little Goat Chicago

Little Goat
820 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607

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