Brunch at the Bongo Room and Tourist Traps in Chicago


On the second day, we met up with friends at The Bong Room for brunch. The Bongo Room doesn’t take reservation. We got there a hair too late and had to wait almost an hour for a table. Glad it was well worth it!

第二天早上和大學同學去The Bongo Room吃早午餐,Bongo Room不接受訂位,我們只比開門時間晚了一點點到,餐廳已經客滿,得要等一個小時,還好非常值得!

The Bongo Room Chicago

The Chocolate Tower French Toast was to die for! The chocolate chunk bread stuffed with maple mascarpone sat in a pool of banana creme brulee sauce. The french toast was topped with fresh bananas and shaved chocolate. The banana sauce was very rich. The bittersweet shaved chocolate and chocolate chunks gave the dish some depth, not the flat milk chocolate or syrupy chocolate sauce kind of sweetness. My sister and I shared an order of eggs benedict and a chocolate tower french toast. The portion and the mix were perfect.

巧克力香蕉法式吐司(Chocolate Tower French Toast) 超好吃!巧克力麵包裡面有楓糖mascarpone乳酪,整盤鋪滿香蕉烤布蕾醬,吐司上面放新鮮香蕉和黑白巧克力碎片,香蕉味很濃,苦甜巧克力帶來一點深度,不會死甜。我和我妹分一份班乃迪克蛋和一份巧克力香蕉法式吐司,份量剛好。

The Bongo Room

McDonald's Chicago

Then we decided to do the touristy things — walking down the Magnificent Mile to the Millennium Park. Before reaching the Magnificent Mile, we made a stop at the McDonald’s flagship store, or the Rock N Roll McDonald’s. Most of the Chicago travel guides mention this McDonald’s, but this is a tourist trap. The first floor still serves food. The second floor has a tiny boring gift shop and a small display that is labeled as a museum. Anyways, very pointless.

接下來是非常觀光客的行程,走密西根大道的Magnificent Mile這一段到千禧公園,中間路過麥當勞旗艦店,各大旅遊書都會提到這個地方,但實在非常騙錢。一樓就是個普通的麥當勞,二樓有一點點麥當勞古董,就號稱是個博物館,是個可以路過就好、直接跳過的地方。

McDonald's Chicago

Sprinkles cupcake

Before my sister came on this U.S. trip to Pittsburgh, New York, Boston, and Chicago, she had mentioned that she wanted to try Sprinkles Cupcakes, especially their Sprinkles sundae with a single scoop of ice cream between cupcake top and bottom. Sprinkles in New York City was not all that convenient given our schedule. Accidentally on our way to Michigan Avenue, we ran into Sprinkles! Such a pleasant surprise.

To our disappointment, at the time this Sprinkle store does not serve the sundae. And yet it did have the cupcake ATM! We were not impressed by the cupcakes, but the ATM was certainly a highlight of the day! (If you want to get some cupcakes, Molly’s Cupcakes on North Clark Street is very good.)

我妹來美國之前就說想要吃Sprinkles夾冰淇淋的杯子蛋糕,紐約店不在我們的行程規劃裡,在芝加哥的時候不小心經過一家Sprinkles!  只可惜這家分店不賣冰淇淋版本,但有玩到提款機式杯子蛋糕販賣機還是非常滿足! 這家杯子蛋糕其實很普通,但ATM實在太嗨了。(要吃杯子蛋糕的話,North Clark Street上面的Molly’s Cupcakes很不錯。)

Sprinkles cupcake ATM

Sprinkles cupcake ATM

Hancock Center

Magnificent Mile to me is just another touristy element that is overrated but cannot be skipped. You can’t say you’ve visited Chicago without knowing what Hancock Center, the old Water Tower, Magnificent Mile, and the Wrigley Building look like. Shopping is not our focus, so we went through the Magnificent Mile pretty quickly and then got back to chilling and people watching at the Millennium Park.

雖然此行重點不是逛街,但總不能來過芝加哥但沒看到壯麗大道 (Magnificent Mile)、約翰漢考克中心 (John Hancock Center)、箭牌大廈 (Wrigley Building)和舊水塔 (Old Water Tower),快速走過密西根大道,又回到千禧公園看人。

water tower chicago


The Bongo Room

The Bongo Room


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