A Dreamy Evening in Osaka: A Stunning Bookstore and Amazing Citrusy Chicken Ramen 大阪文青蔦屋書店輕旅行 + 柚子香雞白湯泡沫拉麵

When I travel to a new place, I always look for good food, cool architecture, and places to shoot. One of the evenings during our trip in Osaka had all the boxes checked. We visited a very Instagrammable bookstore during the blue hour right after sunset. Then we wrapped up the day with a bowl of foamy citrus-infused ramen that was incredible.



This beautiful bookstore is Tsutaya Books’ Hirakata T-site (枚方 T-site).

Tsutaya Books (蔦屋書店) is a chain operated by Culture Convenience Club. Its branch in Daikanyama of Tokyo is known as the most beautiful bookstore in Japan.

蔦屋書店是Culture Convenience Club旗下的事業,代官山的書店號稱是全日本最美的書店,2017年開到台北來。

Tsutaya Books is more than just books; it sells a lifestyle. The bookstores usually house a Staubucks, Family Mart, and another coffee shop. Larger stores called T-sites are big complexes where you can find music and movie sections, electronics, grocery stores, foot court, coffee shops, bakeries and more. The company also combines its offline operations with online data.

At an age when bookstores face bankruptcy, Culture Convenience Club successfully operates Tsutaya Books. Culture Convenience Club runs a loyalty program that includes a number of coffee shops, restaurants, convenient stores, and gas stations. This gives them big data to work with and profit from.

蔦屋書店是個複合式書店,在書店紛紛倒閉的年代可以經營如此成功真的不容易,母公司Culture Convenience Club的忠實顧客點數系統包括了旗下的咖啡店、餐廳、便利商店和加油站,由此掌控大數據。

Hirakata T-site is located in Hirakata (枚方市), a satellite city of Osaka. The complex opened in May 2016. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves make the Hirakata T-site one of the most Instagrammable places in Osaka.


There’s something for everybody at Hirakata T-site. The kids section is lined with cushy green grass carpet and equipped with cute monkey bars. I was so tempted to buy Japanese ceramic mugs on the lifestyle floor. The music section has a large collection. You can listen to any CD in the store.


Another Instagrammble spot at Hirakata T-site is the wall of curry in the grocery store on B1. Curry of all kinds of flavors is packaged in a box and lined up in a display that looks like a curry library.



How to Get to Hirakata T-site 枚方T-site怎麼去

Hirakata T-site is connected to the Hirakata Station of Keihan Railway. Take Exit 9. You will walk on a pedestrian bridge that is connected to Hirakata T-site. It’s approximately a 45-minute trip from Namba and a 35-minute trip from Umeda.


If you will be taking the subway multiple times that day, you can get a one-day pass that includes Keihan Railway, Osaka subway, and Osaka buses. That’s the Keihan + Osaka Subway Sightseeing Pass. The cost is 1200 yen. A one-way trip on Osaka subway is 180-320 yen. The cost to take Keihan Railway from Yodoyabashi Station to Hirakata Station is 330 yen one-way, so that’s 660 yen round-trip. It costs 180 yen to take the Osaka subway from Yodoyabashi Station to Namba Station, so that’s 360 yen round-trip. That makes a round-trip between Namba and Hirakata 1020 yen. As long as you take one more subway trip, this Keihan + Osaka Subway Sightseeing Pass will be worth it.

如果當天會坐幾趟大阪地鐵或公車,可以買包含大阪市公車地鐵和京阪電車的京阪 + 大阪市營地鐵觀光乘車券,一日券的票價是日幣1200,大阪地鐵單程是180-320,京阪電車從淀屋橋站坐到枚方站的票價是日幣330,來回就是日幣660,從淀屋橋站坐到難波站的單程票是180,來回就是360,所以從難波坐地鐵轉京阪電車的來回票價是1020,當天如果需要再坐一趟地鐵就值回單日卷的票價1200了。

Planning the Trip

Hirakata is northeast of Osaka, between Osaka and Kyoto. If you are traveling light from Osaka to Kyoto or the other way around, you can easily make a stop along the way and visit this beautiful bookstore and shopping complex.

A number of restaurants are located on the top floor. The ground floor has a few places to eat. The grocery store on B1 sells ready-to-eat food and there is seating in the store.

Hirakata never comes up in travel guides as a must-go. It is a hike from Osaka. But if you are looking for something to do in between meals of your Osaka foodies trip, T-site is an intriguing spot that’s fun to walk around.


Incredible Citrus Foamy Ramen in Osaka 柚子雞白湯泡沫系感動拉麵

We took our time chilling at Hirakata T-site. By the time we got back to Osaka, it was already 9pm. Our late dinner was at a highly anticipated ramen place, Fukuryu Wadachi (ふく流らーめん 轍).

Foamy ramen has been a culinary trend in the Kansai area of Japan since 2016. Chefs use nitrous oxide to froth ramen broth and make a foam.

枚方悠哉文青小旅行之後,回到大阪就已經晚上九點了,晚餐是期待已久的Fuku流轍拉麵 (ふく流らーめん 轍)。泡沫系拉麵從2016年開始在關西非常流行, 用一氧化二氮將湯頭變成泡沫狀。

Fukuryu Wadachi’s signature is an thick chicken broth “tori paitan” ramen topped with espuma and infused with yuzu.

The foam-topped ramen came with diced onion, two slices of charsu, green onion, and mizuna (a Japanese mustard green.) You can add other toppings such as coddled eggs. The foam helped retain the temperature. The medium-size noodles carried creamy chicken froth very well. In one bite, you would get the taste of rich chicken broth and a refreshing aroma of yuzu.

My sister and I exchanged a look of pleasant surprise and pure happiness upon the first bite.

Yuzu gave the ramen citrusy notes and made this bowl so appetizing. Sometimes rich chicken or pork broth wore you off. This refreshing accent of yuzu made you want to eat even more.



We also got an order of diced charsiu over rice. The rice bowl was topped with miso. The rice was cooked to perfect.

I read online that the fried chicken is also very good.



Fukuryu Wadachi is not one of the classic popular ramen places that you’d see in travel guides. Between my sister and I, we tried about a dozen of ramen shops in Osaka and Tokyo. Fukuryu Wadachi is hands-down the best so far for both of us. I highly recommend this place.



Tsutaya Books Hirakata T-site 蔦屋書店枚方T-site
Address: 〒573-0032 大阪府枚方市岡東町12-2
7:00 am – 11:00 pm
Kaihan Railway Hirakata Station, Exit 9 京阪電車「枚方市駅」九號出口


FUKU流拉麵轍 Fukuryu Wadachi
Address: 大阪府大阪市天王寺区寺田町2-5-6
Weekdays 11:30 am – 3:00 pm; 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Weekend 11:30 am – 11:30 pm
Closed on New Year holidays. Last day of the month, lunch service only.


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