Gastronomic Adventure at Osaka’s Kuromon Ichiba Market

Kuromon Ichiba Market is dubbed Osaka’s kitchen. It’s a ready-made food and grocery market with roughly 180 shops. I had breakfast here twice in three days, and there was so much more I wanted to try.

A cup of soy milk kicked off my foodie breakfast. If you have only tried American brands soy milk from supermarkets, then you don’t know soy milk. It all tastes like vanilla to me. Takahashi Shokuhin (高橋) sells soy milk by cup. This soy product maker has been around for almost 100 years. Their soy milk is so thick and rich. (70 yen a cup)

Then I came to Ishibashi Shokuhin (石橋關東煮) for some oden. Oden (おでん, or Kantō-ni 関東煮) is a Japanese dish of all kinds of ingredients stewed in a dashi broth. Common ingredients are daikon, tofu and different fishcakes. Good oden comes with daikon that is cooked through, melt in your mouth, and full of flavor. This is a dish that can be found next to hot dogs at a 7-11 but also in Michelin star restaurants.

Ishibashi Shokuhin is famous for its oden. A pot of oden sits right in front of the store, slowly bubbling in the broth. You pick items you want. They will bring your food back to the kitchen, slice it into manageable pieces, and pour some broth over it. Except for beef tendon, everything else is 100 yen a piece.

While I enjoyed my oden, Aaron went for his favorite, fried chicken. I found it weird to eat fried chicken that are close to room temperature, but he was perfectly happy with it.

Out of curiosity, also, because we were too broke to splurge on a real Kobe beef meal, we came to the famous Maruzen Meat Shop (丸善食肉店). Maruzen is a butcher that sells Black Wagyu and Kobe beef. You pick out a steak you want; they grill it right in front of you.

If you get a Kobe steak, it comes with a Kobe beef certification to prove that you indeed had real Kobe beef!

We picked the cheapest Kobe steak there was. (4060 yen / USD $37) The steak was seasoned with just salt. The heavy marbled texture turned into melt-in-your-mouth tender juiciness.

I really wanted to try beef tendon curry with scallion over rice at パジャマラマ(PYJAMARAMA). I thought this place doesn’t open until 11 a.m. but it was open early in the morning that day. Too bad I was too full to put down a plate of curry and rice. This place is on my must-eat list next time I visit Osaka.

Another Kuromon Market highlight I didn’t get to try is seafood. There are so many shops for sashimi, nigiri and chirashi. They all looked AMAZING.

Kuromon Market is also a great place for souvenir shopping. You can find local snacks like green tea or hōjicha Kit-Kats or takoyaki Pringles.

Planning Your Trip to Kuromon Market

The market is only a 10-15 minute walk from Namba, Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori. The closest subway station is the Kintetsu Nippombashi Station.

Each shop has different hours. Most of them open between 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and close around 5 p.m. Check the store map for shops, locations and hours.

Kuromon Ichiba Market 黑門市場
Address: 〒542-0073 大阪府大阪市中央区日本橋2丁目4番1号


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