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認識一個國家一個城市,久了以後做的功課就慢慢忘記,旅途的小細節也慢慢忘記,留著一些框架一些線索比較容易留下比較多記憶。古早的年代把一切放在無名接下來搬到隨意窩,從東京北京到紐約芝加哥和美國東部中西部的road trips,無名變得難用之後就荒廢了繼續記錄人生,心血來潮決定要在wordpress繼續,從Zurich和Jamaica的回憶錄開始,寫跑去很遠的一切,和身邊的小事。很遠因為太窮所以暫時不會出現,身邊是匹茲堡和台北還有一點點華府。


Pleasant surprises of a trip; tips for getting around a city; bitter sweet memories of traveling. They fade away over time. Keeping some sort of a framework or fragments that serve as triggers helps me refresh my memories. I ditched my old blog after its interface became not user-friendly anymore. Out of nowhere I decided to pick up what I have left and start from Zurich in 2011 and Jamaica in 2013.

This blog is about my adventure far away and little things around me. I am from Taipei, Taiwan and currently live in Pittsburgh, United States.

A certain someone was sad that he was unable to read my blog posts written in complicated foreign characters, so I started this bilingual and yet not synced blog.


July 2013




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