American Southwest Day 3: Milky Way at the Balanced Rock 平衡石銀河攝影

National Parks in Utah offer some of the darkest skies in the United States. On a clear, moonless night, it’s easy to see the Milky Way with naked eyes. Thousands of natural sandstone arches provide the perfect foreground for night photography, making the Arches National Park one of the best night photography spots.


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American Southwest Day 3: Cayonlands National Park 峽谷地國家公園

Cayonlands National Park in Utah has been high on my bucket list. The park has an iconic stone arch that you probably have seen after a famous photographer Peter Lik took the renowned sunrise photo which became your computer background image.

猶他州的峽谷地國家公園一直以來都在我的攝影夢想清單上,自從攝影師Peter Lik在Mesa Arch拍了日出之後,大概大家都在電腦桌布看過峽谷地的這個著名地標。

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American Southwest Day 2: Shooting the Milky Way at Delicate Arch 精緻拱門健行拍銀河

Being featured on Utah license plates, Delicate Arch is probably the most recognized landmark and most photographed natural wonder in the Arches National Park.

猶他州的車牌是這個紅色砂岩精緻拱門(Delicate Arch),大概是拱門國家公園最著名的地標也是最多人拍的景點。

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American Southwest Day 2: Upper Colorado River Scenic Byway in Moab 電影場景科羅拉多河景觀道路

On the second day of our road trip to National Parks in the American Southwest, we drove 2.5 hours from Rifle, Colorado to Moab, Utah. Moab was our base for two of the Mighty Five in Utah — the Arches National Park and the Canyonlands National Park.

第二天吃完飯店早餐,開兩個半小時的車到猶他Mighty Five五大國家公園的其中一個據點 – 摩押市(Moab, Utah),拱門國家公園(Arches)和峽谷地國家公園(Cayonlands)都離Moab不遠。

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American Southwest Day 2: Lovely Airbnb in Moab 美國西南沙漠風格民宿

I fell in love with our Airbnb in Moab. The decor was stylish. The townhouse was very well equipped. The host was friendly and very helpful. When we left Moab, we were immediately dreaming about coming back for a longer stay.


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American Southwest Day 1: Big Horn Sheep on I-70 Mountain Corridor 美國西南之遇見大角羊

The drive from Denver to Utah was beautiful. Landscapes varied from mines to ski resorts to a lush valley in a majestic canyon. We were so lucky to see a group of big horn sheep on day 1 of our National Parks road trip!


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Brunch at the Bongo Room and Tourist Traps in Chicago


On the second day, we met up with friends at The Bong Room for brunch. The Bongo Room doesn’t take reservation. We got there a hair too late and had to wait almost an hour for a table. Glad it was well worth it!

第二天早上和大學同學去The Bongo Room吃早午餐,Bongo Room不接受訂位,我們只比開門時間晚了一點點到,餐廳已經客滿,得要等一個小時,還好非常值得!

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Sunrise at the Bean + Maple Glazed Ham Biscuit = A Perfect Morning in Chicago

Chicago Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits

After I shot at dawn and sunrise once, there is no going back. The lighting in midday is just too plain. So, during this recent trip to Chicago, I made my sister wake up early with me to go to the Millennium Park for the sunrise.


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