Las Vegas: Ground Squirrel at the Red Rock Canyon 紅岩峽谷地松鼠

ground squirrel

This guy was the highlight of my trip to the Red Rock Canyon in March. A white-tailed antelope ground squirrel, I think.


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Las Vegas: Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area 紅岩峽谷

Red Rock Canyon

Beautiful rock formation and desert scenes in Arizona and Utah have always been on my list of top travel spots. I secretly really want to go with my dad with our cameras. Last year Aaron showed interests in going there. As a planner plus a dreamer, I planned out a nine-day trip from Zion National Park, the north rim of the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, to Monument Valley, and then circling back to Vegas through the south rim of Grand Canyon. From budget to food to things to do and see. It seems that this dream trip will not come true any time soon, so Red Rock Canyon became a tiny sample of my grand mission.

亞利桑那和猶他州的沙漠和岩壁一直是美國我最想去看的地方,人生夢想是帶相機跟我爸去。去年發現Aaron有興趣,很有行動力地排好從玩到吃到住的九天行程加預算,從錫安國家公園、大峽谷的北邊、Monument Valley,然後從大峽谷南緣回拉斯維加斯,目前看來短期內無法成行,所以先拿紅岩峽谷來當做小慰藉。

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Las Vegas: Light Trail on The Strip 拉斯維加斯大道

Las Vegas the strip at night

Day 1: Arriving LAS at 10:45 a.m. → The Strip
Day 2: In-N-Out Burger → Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area → Sushi House Goyemon → Night view on the Strip
Day 3: Lake Mead → Flying back to Pittsburgh

So, Vegas! This is absolutely not a top vacation spot I would pick. I could not care less about gambling and clubbing on the Strip. Aaron was going to Vegas for work, so I tagged along. Turned out that we had a fantastic weekend visiting the Vegas off the Strip and people watching on the Strip.


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