New Orleans: A Streetcar Named Desire 紐奧良街車

Originally we wanted to take a ride on the St. Charles streetcars only because of the 1947 play and 1951 film of A Streetcar Named Desire. Then we realized that taking the streetcars is actually the best way to tour part of the city.

本來只是為了電影「慾望街車」所以想搭一下St. Charles Avenue線的古老綠色街車,後來發現街車其實是走遍大半城市最方便的交通工具。

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New Orleans: French Quarter 紐奧良法國區

I had possessed this unrealistic impression about the Quarter and Bourbon Street before I went. Beautiful houses with decorated ironwork balconies, street musicians playing jazz, tons of photo ops everywhere…Well, not quite true.


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New Orleans: Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral

“What’s this Disney castle looking building!?” I though, when I saw a picture of the St. Louis Cathedral for the first time as I researched touristy destinations in New Orleans.


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New Orleans Cities of the Dead: Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 拉法葉公墓

There are dozens of cemeteries in New Orleans. Located in the Garden District, Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 is the oldest city-operated cemetery. It’s a non-segregated cemetery where there are immigrants from 25 countries and natives of 26 states. This cemetery remains in use. The movie Double Jeopardy was filmed here.


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New Orleans Must-Eats 紐奧良必吃: Café Du Monde, Muffuletta, and Po-Boys

Besides classic Cajun and Creole food like gumbo, jambalaya and etouffee, and the amazing charcuterie plus pub food at Cochon Butcher, there are a couple of must-eats in New Orleans ── beignets at Cafe Du Monde, muffuletta from Central Grocery, and po-boys. (My blog post about Gumbo Shop, Acme Oyster House and the whole complicated and yummy world about Cajun and Creole food.)

除了經典的Cajun或Creole菜像是gumbo, jambalaya and etouffee,和超好吃的肉販兼三明治酒吧Cochon Butcher,有幾樣來紐奧良必吃的食物:Cafe Du Monde的糖粉雙胞胎beignets、Central Grocery的義大利三明治muffuletta、和紐奧良潛艇堡po boy。(經典紐奧良菜和錯綜複雜的Cajun and Creole歷史和差別在另一篇網誌)

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New Orleans: Cochon Butcher and the Warehouse District

Following Anthony Bourdain recommendations never goes wrong. He went to this Louisiana restaurant, Cochon in “Layover” in New Orleans. Boudin, and Louisiana pig with turnips and pork rind. Everything looked amazing.

跟著波登吃通常都不會錯,他在旅遊頻道的”Layover”去了一家紐奧良餐廳 Cochon (是法文”豬”的意思),他點的血腸和上面放了炸豬皮的燉豬肉看起來真的很誘人。

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New Orleans: Cajun and Creole Food 紐奧良美食

To be honest, the distinction between Cajun and Creole is still a bit confusing to me after some research and a trip to New Orleans. One thing I know for sure: both are very good! I wish I had a much bigger stomach and we could visit more restaurants and diners in NOLA. We did go to some of the most recommended ones though ── Acme Oyster House and Gumbo Shop.

去了一趟紐奧良又看了一堆文章之後,其實還是搞太不清楚Cajun和Creole這兩種菜到底哪裡不一樣,只知道兩種都很好吃!短短兩天半真的不夠吃,恨不得肚子大到一天可以吃四餐,不過我們有成功吃到最有名的Acme Oyster House和Gumbo Shop。

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New Orleans: The Blue Dog

The first time we saw this voodoo looking blue dog was at our hotel lobby when we checked in. Behind the front desk was this painting of Drew Brees. On his right hand side, a blue dog sitting on the ground, staring straight ahead.

Then we started seeing this blue dog everywhere we went. The Sheraton hotel on Canal Street had some sort of exhibition of this blue dog. There was this blue dog in Andy Warhol style paintings, alongside a jazz musician, or in front of a Southern mansion. Who exactly is this blue dog!?

第一次看到這隻藍色巫毒狗是第一天剛到飯店大廳的時候,但當時在這幅畫裡我認得的只有Drew Brees,後來發現走到哪都有這隻狗,Canal Street的Sheraton飯店櫥窗、入口和牆面放滿這隻藍色狗的畫,害我們一直在想這隻狗到底是誰!?

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New Orleans: Colorful Doors and Shutters

What I liked the most about New Orleans was probably the bold or pastel colors  of doors, shutters and buildings. Photos here were taken as we strolled through streets in the French Quarter along Royal Street, Decatur Street and near Frenchmen Street.

紐奧良最讓我開心的就是這些色彩豐富的房子和門。這些都是在法國區亂晃看到的,在Royal Street, Decatur Street上和Frenchmen Street附近。

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New Orleans: Schedule, Transportation and Hotel 紐奧良行程、住與行

New Orleans gave me an amazing first impression before I even left the airport.


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