Hot Doug’s: Get a Foie Gras Dog Before It’s Too Late


It is impossible to not notice the publicity of this “encased sausage emporium” when you research must-eat’s in Chicago. Anthony Bourdain loved the foie gras sausage and duck fat fries in his show, No Reservations. Hot Doug’s is in his list of 13 places to eat before you die.

找芝加哥旅遊必吃的東西一定會看到這家店,Hot Doug’s不說自己是熱狗店,而是個包裝肉品百貨,波登超愛這裡的鵝肝狗和鴨油炸的薯條,把這家店列為死前必吃的13大餐廳之一。

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Good-bye, Easy Mt. Washington Sunrise

Pittsburgh Mt Washington sunrise

The sunrise last Saturday was not all that glamorous. Yet it was the last day that I was able to get up early and easily make it to Mount Washington by myself before I end the lease of my Shadyside apartment and completely move out of the city. That milestone status makes this morning trip blog-worthy.


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DC Cherry Blossoms: Schweinebraten and Spring at the U.S. Capitol

cherry blossoms U.S. Capitol

My third day in DC turned out to be a day of cherry blossoms plus gourmet sandwiches. I had German fusion Argentine sandwiches for lunch and Spanish tapas-sized sandwiches from 100 Montaditos for dinner. Great food and amazing companies outweighed the blossoms.

在DC的第三天意外變成櫻花與高檔三明治日,中午是德風阿根廷三明治,晚餐是100 Montaditos西班牙三明治,食物和朋友比這天的日出和櫻花厲害一百倍。

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DC Cherry Blossoms: Photographing the Tidal Basin at Dawn

washington dc cherry blossom tidal basin washington monument sunrise

This Instagram caption said it well: “After today, I’m convinced that the Tidal Basin is actually a portal to an alternate universe where thousands of people come together at sunrise to shed their miserable morning demeanor.”  ─ @rayhayhurst

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DC Cherry Blossoms: Best Spots and Best Time to Shoot 華府櫻花攝影不負責攻略

Washington DC cherry blossoms

The National Mall in DC has the deception effect that Las Vegas Strip has, just in a smaller scale. In the open area of and near the Mall, every landmark seems walkable. On a nice day with plenty of time, walking is indeed the best way to get around. But under the heat in the muggy August or when you are in a rush, getting from the Lincoln Memorial to the visitor center of the Capitol on foot would not be quite feasible. Tidal Basin is the same. It actually takes some time to walk around the basin. If lighting and timing are important to you, you might want to know exactly where and when to be to get good pictures.

華府的國家廣場(the Mall)跟拉斯維加斯一樣有騙人效果,什麼都看起來很近但其實要走很久,DC當然不像拉斯維加斯大道一棟飯店就是一公里半這麼誇張,大部分景點也真的都走得到,但熱死人的夏天或者趕時間的時候,真的不會想要從林肯紀念堂走到國會山莊。潮汐湖(Tidal Basin)也是一樣的道理,如果要拍照、要追求某個時間點或特定的光線,真的很需要知道該在什麼時候去哪。

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