A Dreamy Evening in Osaka: A Stunning Bookstore and Amazing Citrusy Chicken Ramen 大阪文青蔦屋書店輕旅行 + 柚子香雞白湯泡沫拉麵

When I travel to a new place, I always look for good food, cool architecture, and places to shoot. One of the evenings during our trip in Osaka had all the boxes checked. We visited a very Instagrammable bookstore during the blue hour right after sunset. Then we wrapped up the day with a bowl of foamy citrus-infused ramen that was incredible.



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Kyoto: Must-Eat Riverside Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki 京都必吃鴨川和牛壽喜燒

During the five days with my parents in Japan, I wanted to pick one meal and splurge. I was looking for good food and a Japanese experience. Eventually, I decided on sukiyaki at Moritaya’s Kiyamachi branch — Kansai region style of sukiyaki with kuroge wagyu beef, a tatami-floored private dining room, and a view of the Kamogawa River. It was a fantastic lunch that everyone fully enjoyed. The surrounding area is fun to walk around. I definitely recommend this place for a Kyoto trip.

跟爸媽在日本關西的這五天,想安排一餐奢侈一下,要美食又要日式風格 (又吃不起米其林星星京料理),最後選了森田屋木屋町店的壽喜燒 — 關西風格壽喜燒、和式榻塌米包廂、窗外正對鴨川,全家都非常滿意,這一帶又很好逛,很容易排進行程。

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Thousands of Lanterns at Kasuga-taisha in Nara 奈良春日大社

After visiting Tōdai-ji, the superfluous Buddhist temple that made a mark in the political system from the 8th century, we strolled through the Nara Park and walked along a forest path lined with stone lanterns to get to the main hall of Kasuga-taisha.



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Nara’s Tōdai-ji: Temple and State as One 奈良的政治機器東大寺

The history of Nara is full of fascinating power struggle that started in the 8th century. Tōdai-ji is an ancient Buddhist temple which marks that period of Japan, and the temple was awarded one of the eight World Heritage historical sites in Nara. To make visiting this landmark even more interesting, the way to Tōdai-ji through Nara Park is packed with deer that will chill with you as long as you are being non-intrusive and respectful.



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New Orleans: Colorful Doors and Shutters

What I liked the most about New Orleans was probably the bold or pastel colors  of doors, shutters and buildings. Photos here were taken as we strolled through streets in the French Quarter along Royal Street, Decatur Street and near Frenchmen Street.

紐奧良最讓我開心的就是這些色彩豐富的房子和門。這些都是在法國區亂晃看到的,在Royal Street, Decatur Street上和Frenchmen Street附近。

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The Bishop Garden of the Washington National Cathedral

Washington National Cathedral

If you visit the Washington National Cathedral, don’t miss the Bishop’s Garden.


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