DC Cherry Blossoms: Schweinebraten and Spring at the U.S. Capitol

cherry blossoms U.S. Capitol

My third day in DC turned out to be a day of cherry blossoms plus gourmet sandwiches. I had German fusion Argentine sandwiches for lunch and Spanish tapas-sized sandwiches from 100 Montaditos for dinner. Great food and amazing companies outweighed the blossoms.

在DC的第三天意外變成櫻花與高檔三明治日,中午是德風阿根廷三明治,晚餐是100 Montaditos西班牙三明治,食物和朋友比這天的日出和櫻花厲害一百倍。

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HDR Experiments: Library of Congress and U.S. Capitol

Library of Congress HDR

I finally got Photomatrix! (Thank you dad!) Haven’t gotten any chance to take bracketed photos to make a real HDR, but I could not wait and threw in single photos in to try out the software. I love HDR architecture. The first photo I threw in the software of course was one of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. The original photo was from my trip to D.C. last August. (To those who are not photo nerds, HDR means high-dynamic-range imaging. In plain English, that means to bring details out of a real scene from direct sunlight to the dark shadow, um, based on my amateur understanding anyway.)


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Mission Capitol Christmas Tree Failed 失敗的國會聖誕樹

Capitol Christmas Tree

Having a camera makes me do crazy things sometimes. Like getting up at 5 in the morning just to try my luck with sunrise. Or making a trip to D.C. to try something different with the Capitol Christmas Tree. But, I failed this time.


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Library of Congress 美國國會圖書館


The Library of Congress is one of my favorite place in DC. The color combination of light orange and turquoise in the Great Hall makes me happy. This is another “Lost Symbol” site. (See the Lost Symbol trace at the Washington National Cathedral.) Robert Langdon escaped from the Capitol to the Library of Congress Reading Room through an underground tunnel by riding the conveyor belt that transfers books among the Library’s three buildings. This pretty one is called the Thomas Jefferson Building. If you visit the Capitol, the Library of Congress is just across the street from the Capitol visitor center. You can walk from the Capitol to the library through an underground tunnel.

國會圖書館是我最喜歡的DC景點之一,大廳的橘色、銘黃色、土耳其藍這個組合看了就很開心。這又是一個丹布朗失落的符號景點 (蘭登在華盛頓國家大教堂),羅伯蘭登為了躲避CIA從國會跳上運書的輸送帶、通過地下隧道跑到國會圖書館。國會圖書館有三棟樓,遊客會去的、漂亮的這棟叫Thomas Jefferson Building,如果去參觀國會的話,國會圖書館就在遊客中心的對街,可以從國會裡面的地下隧道走到國會圖書館。

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Ben and the Flags at the Old Post Office Pavilion

Benjamin Franklin at the Old Post Office

I feel like every camera owner living in or having toured DC has a picture of Benjamin Franklin standing in front of a row of U.S. flags, so I went to get my copycat shot after the disappointing sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial.

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