Macarons from Gaby et Jules

A French patisserie opened in Squirrel Hill. They sell macarons and their chef used to work for Ladurée and Fauchon in France. I had to check it out.


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New Orleans Must-Eats 紐奧良必吃: Café Du Monde, Muffuletta, and Po-Boys

Besides classic Cajun and Creole food like gumbo, jambalaya and etouffee, and the amazing charcuterie plus pub food at Cochon Butcher, there are a couple of must-eats in New Orleans ── beignets at Cafe Du Monde, muffuletta from Central Grocery, and po-boys. (My blog post about Gumbo Shop, Acme Oyster House and the whole complicated and yummy world about Cajun and Creole food.)

除了經典的Cajun或Creole菜像是gumbo, jambalaya and etouffee,和超好吃的肉販兼三明治酒吧Cochon Butcher,有幾樣來紐奧良必吃的食物:Cafe Du Monde的糖粉雙胞胎beignets、Central Grocery的義大利三明治muffuletta、和紐奧良潛艇堡po boy。(經典紐奧良菜和錯綜複雜的Cajun and Creole歷史和差別在另一篇網誌)

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