Kyoto: Golden Leaves of Ginkgo Trees 京都御苑、西本願寺金黃銀杏

Late November is a busy tourist season for Kyoto because of fall foliage. Not just red and orange leaves of Maple, but also golden leaves of ginkgo trees.


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Thousands of Lanterns at Kasuga-taisha in Nara 奈良春日大社

After visiting Tōdai-ji, the superfluous Buddhist temple that made a mark in the political system from the 8th century, we strolled through the Nara Park and walked along a forest path lined with stone lanterns to get to the main hall of Kasuga-taisha.



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Nara’s Tōdai-ji: Temple and State as One 奈良的政治機器東大寺

The history of Nara is full of fascinating power struggle that started in the 8th century. Tōdai-ji is an ancient Buddhist temple which marks that period of Japan, and the temple was awarded one of the eight World Heritage historical sites in Nara. To make visiting this landmark even more interesting, the way to Tōdai-ji through Nara Park is packed with deer that will chill with you as long as you are being non-intrusive and respectful.



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