American Southwest Day 2: Lovely Airbnb in Moab 美國西南沙漠風格民宿

I fell in love with our Airbnb in Moab. The decor was stylish. The townhouse was very well equipped. The host was friendly and very helpful. When we left Moab, we were immediately dreaming about coming back for a longer stay.


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Best Kyoto Experience: Stay in a Traditional Townhouse “Machiya” 京都包棟町家月輪こはく庵

Kyoto offers a wide range of accommodations – from chic capsule hostels to fancy hotels. I looked at a lot of options. Finally I decided that we would splurge a little and book a traditional townhouse! Staying in a rustic townhouse turned out to be a wonderful touch that made our trip complete.

You experience the charm of traditional Kyoto by walking around ancient temples during the day, and that experience doesn’t need to end when you head back to the hotel. Sleeping on Japanese futon on tatami floors in a traditional townhouse in a residential area is a unique experience you don’t want to miss. The fusion of old and new is fascinating. You would likely stay in a townhouse built a century ago while the fanciest gadget in the house is an overachieving toilet with a control panel as complicated as one for a space shuttle.


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18 Hours Layover in Tokyo, Japan

Hotel Nikko Narita breakfastOn my way back home from Pittsburgh to Taipei, my flight from Denver to Tokyo was delayed for two and a half hours. United Airlines customer service in Denver told me that the plane from Tokyo to Taipei might wait for me and  the other 10 people that were on the same boat as I was. As soon as I landed in Tokyo, I rushed to the temporary desk that United/ANA set up and gave the staff my boarding pass, hoping miraculously the plane waited around. When the nice Japanese customer service lady came back with a huge deck of documents instead of one single boarding pass, I knew I was going to stay overnight in Japan.


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