Jamaica: Cliff Diving and Sunset at Rick’s Cafe 牙買加跳水和夕陽

The second part of that day trip to Negril was to visit one of the most popular tourist spots in Negril ── Rick’s Cafe. Situated on naturally formed cliffs right by the ocean on the far west end of Jamaica, Rick’s Cafe offers a great view. Watching sunset here has become a must for tourists. This place is also known for cliff jumping. But we were not there yet. Before the famous sunset at Rick’s, our tour bus took us to several “shopping malls” for souvenir shopping as planned.

Negril之的下半段是去Rick’s Cafe看夕陽,Rick’s Cafe座落在靠海的天然懸崖,風景、夕陽和跳水讓這裡成為知名旅遊景點,因為它在小島的最西邊,看夕陽完全沒有遮蔽,是個觀光客必訪之地。但在去Rick’s Cafe之前,導遊要帶我們去幾個購物中心採購紀念品。

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Jamaica: Jerk Chicken, Curry Goat and Soursop

Ackee and fish? Jerk chicken? I was very excited about these Jamaican dishes. I had no idea what ackee was, and did not know what spices are in the jerk seasoning. Aside from all kinds of drinks with Jamaican rum, I set it as my mission to find soursop juice. Another ingredient I did not know.

牙買加必吃的當地菜色充滿我看不懂的食材或調味,像是阿開木煮鹹魚ackee and saltfish(又叫西非荔枝果) 或者牙買加香料雞jerk chicken。

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Jamaica: Seven Mile Beach at Negril 牙買加七哩沙灘

Negril Jamaica

A friend of mine stayed for two months in Kingston, Jamaica’s capital city. I asked him for recommendations for my trip. Jerk chicken and Negril were the two must’s that he suggested. Negril is about 40 minutes in driving distance from our hotel, Grand Palladium Jamaica. It is a beach resort town known for its Seven Mile Beach and night life. Ian Fleming wrote a number of his novels here, and some of the parts in James Bond books and movies took place in Negril.

出發前問了一個在牙買加首都Kingston住過兩個多月的朋友,他說一定要吃jerk chicken跟去Negril海邊。Negril離我們的飯店Grand Palladium大概40分鐘車程,以這個七哩沙灘和夜生活聞名,Ian Fleming有幾部小說是在這裡寫的,007有幾部小說和電影也以此地為背景。

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Jamaica: All-Inclusive Stay at the Grand Palladium Resort

Grand Palladium Jamaica

I had held a reserved attitude toward all-inclusive resorts prior to this trip, and then I realized all-inclusive was actually a great option when traveling in places where it was not quite safe to get around. We both loved the all-inclusive features and our stay in Grand Palladium Jamaica.

本來一直對all-inclusive渡假飯店持保留態度,這次去了牙買加才發現其實在不適合單獨行動的地區all-inclusive真的很不錯!整體說來,我們對這次住的Grand Palladium Jamaica十分滿意。

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