Cancun: Trip-Planning for First-Timers 坎昆和猶加敦半島初次旅遊攻略

I say Cancun, but this is really about a small part of Yucatan. It started with planning a trip to Cancun, but during our five-day trip we were in fact never in Cancun except for the Cancun International Airport. I’ve only traveled to the Yucatan this one time, so read this for what it’s worth.

A couple of factors played into our trip planning. Number one: difficult teenagers! We traveled with a 16-year-old and a 19-year-old. It seems that an all-inclusive resort would give everyone the most freedom and the least headache. We couldn’t do anything longer than a day trip. We had to cram a bunch of activities in one day so that Aaron still had some time to hang out with the kids. Secondly, the trip was short. Minus travel time, it was only 3.5 days actually in Yucatan.

說是說坎昆,但其實這篇是關於猶加敦半島(Yucatán Peninsula)靠近坎昆的那塊,不過當初計劃行程是打算要去坎昆的,做做功課之後決定要玩要住的地方其實是在海龜灣(Akumal)和土倫(Tulum)一帶,整整五天除了機場之外都沒有在坎昆。我只去過這麼一次,不是什麼太厲害的攻略,大家參考看看就好。行程安排受到很多限制,我們帶了兩個沒耐心的青少年,所以選了all-inclusive飯店,這樣大家都有自由沒煩惱,但也因此只能排當天來回的行程,還有就是時間很短 (因為沒有假可以請了),扣掉飛來飛去其實只有三天半。

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