Zurich: Fondue and Rösti



Along with Rivella and Luxembergerli, the third must-try food items on my list was rösti in a traditional Swiss meal. Rösti is a Swiss dish made of coarsely grated potato, shaped into a round patty and pan-fried. It is basically hash brown, Swiss style. The best place to try this dish along with traditional Swiss sausages supposedly would be Zeughauskeller.

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Zurich Delicacies: Luxemburgerli and Chocolate

Luxemburgerli at Confiserie Sprüngli

出發前做功課決定有三樣東西一定要吃/喝到:Rivella, Luxembergerli, 和道地香腸馬鈴薯的瑞士菜。(Rivella遊湖之旅)

Three things made my must-eat list prior to the trip: Rivella, Luxemburgerli, and a meal of Swiss cuisine with some sausage and rösti. A third of the mission was accomplished on the Lake Zurich boat trip where I tried Rivella for the first time. Luckily the rest of my mission also worked out quite well.

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