Zurich Delicacies: Luxemburgerli and Chocolate

Luxemburgerli at Confiserie Sprüngli

出發前做功課決定有三樣東西一定要吃/喝到:Rivella, Luxembergerli, 和道地香腸馬鈴薯的瑞士菜。(Rivella遊湖之旅)

Three things made my must-eat list prior to the trip: Rivella, Luxemburgerli, and a meal of Swiss cuisine with some sausage and rösti. A third of the mission was accomplished on the Lake Zurich boat trip where I tried Rivella for the first time. Luckily the rest of my mission also worked out quite well.

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Zurich: Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich


Prior to the trip I read about this carbonated drink called Rivella. Here’s the wikipedia description: “[Rivella] is produced from milk whey, and therefore includes ingredients such as lactose, lactic acid and minerals.” From this description, I could not imagine what this soda would taste like. I had to try it.

Drinks were provided as we boarded our boat trip on Lake Zurich. While people handed me cans of coke and Sprite, my eyes lit up as I saw bottles of Rivella at the end of the table. Being at the front of a line of more than 1,000 people, we didn’t want to stop the line just to figure out which flavor is which. We randomly grabbed two bottles of Rivella and headed upstairs. Rivalla on a boat trip made my day. Continue reading