Sunrise at the Bean + Maple Glazed Ham Biscuit = A Perfect Morning in Chicago

Chicago Bang Bang Pie and Biscuits

After I shot at dawn and sunrise once, there is no going back. The lighting in midday is just too plain. So, during this recent trip to Chicago, I made my sister wake up early with me to go to the Millennium Park for the sunrise.


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Good-bye, Easy Mt. Washington Sunrise

Pittsburgh Mt Washington sunrise

The sunrise last Saturday was not all that glamorous. Yet it was the last day that I was able to get up early and easily make it to Mount Washington by myself before I end the lease of my Shadyside apartment and completely move out of the city. That milestone status makes this morning trip blog-worthy.


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DC Cherry Blossoms: Photographing the Tidal Basin at Dawn

washington dc cherry blossom tidal basin washington monument sunrise

This Instagram caption said it well: “After today, I’m convinced that the Tidal Basin is actually a portal to an alternate universe where thousands of people come together at sunrise to shed their miserable morning demeanor.”  ─ @rayhayhurst

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Sunrise at the Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

This is the first time I went back to DC after I got my first DSLR, Nikon D3100, about two months ago. In order to wander around freely with my camera all day, I was being such an asshole that I didn’t tell anyone I was in town. One of my mission was to shoot (from) Lincoln Memorial and the Vietnam War Memorial at sunrise. Some dreamy ideal shots that I fantasized about were: warm and orange early sunlight shining on Lincoln’s face; the sun, Washington Monument and the Capitol dome; and pretty sunrise sky with orange and purple clouds and their reflection on the Vietnam War Memorial.

Of course, I failed.


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