Wafels & Dinges: flaky paradise of Speculoos and Nutella 紐約比利時鬆餅餐車

It’s been six years since Wafels & Dinges was founded. I missed it every time I was in town──either their food trucks were nowhere near me or I was standing right in front of a waffle truck while being way too full to have even one bite. When I saw the Wafels & Dinges truck across the street from Lincoln Center right after we checked in, my eyes widened with sparkles just like when the Ice Age saber-toothed squirrel sees an acorn. What a lucky start of our trip!

Wafels and Dinges都開店六年了,每次在紐約都錯過,要嘛就是他們的餐車離我太遙遠,不然就是站在鬆餅車前面但飽到一口也吃不下。這次剛到旅館放下行李一出來就在林肯中心對街看到Wafels & Dinges餐車!簡直跟冰原歷險記的松鼠看到橡栗一樣!

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Brooklyn Bridge in the Fog

Brooklyn Bridge

That was in early October. We were going to take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge and then visit the 911 Memorial. The overcast sky gave me no motivation to get up early. We did not leave our hostel near Columbus Circle until 9 a.m. Once we stepped outside and walked on Broadway, I immediately regretted sleeping in. It was very foggy. Any building taller than the CNN headquarter disappeared in the heavy mist. Sprinting to the Metro and hoping the fog stick around for a bit longer, I had to make it to the Brooklyn Bridge right away.

十月初的某個早上,要去布魯克林大橋散步然後參觀911紀念碑,鬧鐘七點多響,看到外面陰天一點動力也沒有,睡到九點才出門。一走到靠近Columbus Circle的Broadway上面馬上後悔早上沒爬起來,紐約起大霧!比CNN總部高的大樓通通都在雲裡!一邊拜託霧不要散,一邊開始往布魯克林大橋飛奔。

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Eating Non-stop in NYC: Can’t go wrong when you follow Anthony Bourdain

Every time I go to New York City, I crave for the same food. Brunch at Max Brenner with banana split waffle and dark chocolate granita; Shack Stack burger from Shake Shack; gyro and chicken over rice from the Halal Guys at 6 Avenue and 53rd Street… But this time, we decided to try something different and follow Anthony Bourdain’s recommendations. Only the cheap eats though. Can’t go wrong with that.

每次去紐約都跑去吃一樣的東西,Max Brenner的香蕉船鬆餅和黑巧克力冰飲、Shake Shack的蘑菇可樂餅牛肉堡、Halal Guys的地中海羊肉雞肉飯…這次決定丟下我的必訪清單,跟著波登吃紐約──窮人版本。

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